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Master Scan Post
fennekin, christmas
Read me if you plan on downloading anything!
~ I do not care what you use these scans for. But you MUST give credit to me for the scans with a link. How else are others to find them? :)

~ Absolutely DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE. Aka, do not reupload these scans anywhere. Just link to here. Is that really so hard? I don't like watermarks since they mess up the image, but if I have to I will add watermarks to each and every page in such a way that they cannot be removed without the page looking stupid. It can only be your loss. The password to get the file is, 'my_thanks'. If you ask what the password is in the comments, I will flip a table (because you obviously didn't read like you were supposed to). That being said, the password changes from time to time. Although I love that people share the link, I don't like people posting the password around so others don't have to read my terms. So I change it.

~ If anyone would like to translate/scanslate this, just ask me. I can provide larger scans.

Enjoy! c:

Saint Seiya Doujinshi 1

Series: Saint Seiya.
Title: Ashanti 8
Artist: Night Mara Queen.
Type: Yaoi.
Pairing: Saga & Mu.
Rating: Idk. It's soft yaoi i guess, nothing graphic.

Download at Mediafire

Saint Seiya Doujinshi 2

Series: Saint Seiya.
Title: Unknown (can't read Japanese).
Artist: Side-s
Type: Yaoi, random comedy.
Pairings: A lot.
Rating: PG 13++. Naked scenes, but nothing shown below the waist. Last 2 pages are a little more hardcore with Camus and Milo.

Download at Mediafire

Anniversary no Kuni no Alice - Tokeiya

Artist: Quinrose.
Pairing: Alice & Julius
Rating: PG 13.

Download at Mediafire

Thank you so much for sharing! I downloaded the Julius one! ♥

You're welcome! Enjoy! :)

Thank you so much for sharing!♥

You're very welcome! Enjoy! :)

Thank you sooo much for all of them <3 I'm an avid fan of both Alice and Saint Seiya, so it's nice to see them on the same page.

You're welcome! Haha, really? The fandoms are quite different, aren't they? They are both really good, though. :) Enjoy!

thank you so much for scanning the tokeiya one! ^^

You're very welcome! Hope you enjoy. Love your icon, btw! :)

Thank you for Tokeiya! :)

You're welcome! Enjoy! :) Love your Jack icon, too! <3

Thank you for Julius! Looks awesome!

You're welcome! Enjoy! ^^

thank you so much for sharing >_

Cool! Thanks a lot! I downloaded the one with Julius! Yes! This pairing is so cute *_*

You're very welcome! I like the pairing too, so I was very excited to scan it. Hope you enjoy! :)

Thank you a lot for scanning Tokeiya doujin!!! :D
I wasn't able to buy if for a long time, huge thanks for sharing this with fans <3
And yeah, I won't be able to bring myself to rip the book off too o-o
(It'd be so great if doujins had furigana too ;w; )

Thank you so much for the Anniversary no Kuni no Alice book!~ ;D

/me(Scream) Julius Julius so cute,Thank you for sharing.

Thank ypu very much for sharing! And Julius! *___*

OMG! I was searching for this for quite some time. Thank you SO much!!!

OMG!!! there's really a julius and alice doujin!?!
I can die happy now!!! thank you so much!!! ::worshipping:: hugs and kisses!!!

Thank u so much >3<~~~
I take Julius book <333


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