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Master Scan Post
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Read me if you plan on downloading anything!
~ I do not care what you use these scans for. But you MUST give credit to me for the scans with a link. How else are others to find them? :)

~ Absolutely DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE. Aka, do not reupload these scans anywhere. Just link to here. Is that really so hard? I don't like watermarks since they mess up the image, but if I have to I will add watermarks to each and every page in such a way that they cannot be removed without the page looking stupid. It can only be your loss. The password to get the file is, 'my_thanks'. If you ask what the password is in the comments, I will flip a table (because you obviously didn't read like you were supposed to). That being said, the password changes from time to time. Although I love that people share the link, I don't like people posting the password around so others don't have to read my terms. So I change it.

~ If anyone would like to translate/scanslate this, just ask me. I can provide larger scans.

Enjoy! c:

Saint Seiya Doujinshi 1

Series: Saint Seiya.
Title: Ashanti 8
Artist: Night Mara Queen.
Type: Yaoi.
Pairing: Saga & Mu.
Rating: Idk. It's soft yaoi i guess, nothing graphic.

Download at Mediafire

Saint Seiya Doujinshi 2

Series: Saint Seiya.
Title: Unknown (can't read Japanese).
Artist: Side-s
Type: Yaoi, random comedy.
Pairings: A lot.
Rating: PG 13++. Naked scenes, but nothing shown below the waist. Last 2 pages are a little more hardcore with Camus and Milo.

Download at Mediafire

Anniversary no Kuni no Alice - Tokeiya

Artist: Quinrose.
Pairing: Alice & Julius
Rating: PG 13.

Download at Mediafire

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OMG! I was searching for this for quite some time. Thank you SO much!!!

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